About the Site



I approached Chris Reynolds about doing a website for him in 2003. I was frustrated with the fact that he painted some really incredible images and no one would ever see them unless they visited his apartment. He was very interested and perked up immediately and set out to pick his best work to put up. I came over and we shot his collection on film with my medium format rangefinder. The slides came out great and I asked if he would create an image for the website home page and the next day he showed me the octopus image above that we are again using as the home page. I was blown away, it was perfect. It summed up his outflow of creative imagery and writings with a hint of his demons. And he had demons. They followed him everywhere. Usually doing a conga line.


Unfortunately soon after we got the initial site up, the blog writings became more intermittent and instead of selling the artworks the plan changed and he decided to make lithos and sell the copies instead. He began to lose interest due to the expense of the lithos and the time/complexity involved. The site languished and years passed.


Chris's death was not easy to deal with nor was it a complete surprise. But I knew what had to be done, I was not going to let his presence/memory just quietly slip away and let his creativity forever go unnoticed. He was a creator, he deserved his mark on this planet more than most even if he felt differently.


With the help of friends we rounded up as much of his artwork that we could find. Much has been sold, traded or had been destroyed. This site is the several hundred images that we were able to salvage.

Once collected I sought out to recreate the site that should have been, that he deserved. With the very much appreciated help of Justine Bellinsky, Eric Cencer, and Rachel Bellinsky, we shot the artwork with a high resolution digital camera, natural lighting, and Gretag color charts to keep all the colors as true to the their original state as possible. The images have not been enhanced (other than mentioned color correction) and should look as much like the originals as possible with the exception of the paintings with fluorescent pigments which can't be represented accurately on a computer screen.


Something for everyone but here it is, worts and all. There's nudity! blasphemy! macabre! and more. I hope you will take a moment to visit the creative mind of Chris Reynolds.
-Derryl Rice